Olympus ‘StyloNylon’ Street Case

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Its arrived! Love Love Love my new Olympus ‘StyloNylon’ Street Case Golden Light.

This is such a cool bag. Not only is it practical for my gorgeous E-PL8 but its a great fashion accessory at the same time.

So, Im all ready for my travels with my camera & accessories travelling safely with me 🙂 http://bit.ly/2V9gCG2

Vegan Argan Oil…

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This Vegan/Cruelty-free/ Sulphate & Paraben-free ‘True SOFT Argan Oil’ really is truly soft. I was given a sample by my Hairdresser and really love it already. I didn’t even blow dry my hair; simply massaged some into my scalp & to the ends and its calmed down the slight frizz that I get after newly washed and dried hair.

It just means that I’ve got to add something else to my ever growing ‘Want List’.


Camera.. ACTION!!

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SO excited to have received my new Olympus E-PL8 in White leather. What a beauty this is. Cant wait to get cracking and using this. Have had my beady eye on this for months. Amazing reviews and toying between the E-PL8 and E-PL9. To be honest for me it wasn’t worth spending out on the newer one as there wasn’t a huge amount of difference for what I wanted.

I would always suggest reading reviews and taking your time when choosing a Camera or any Tech gear. Will be on my travels very soon and cant wait to put this to use.

Not only does this camera look amazing with the white leather, gold colour Olympus on the front and the contrast leather grip on the front and the back I know this takes amazing pictures. Will be posting pictures soon to show off this very cool/vintage looking fashion accessory of a camera.