Happy Pancake Day!

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Nutoka Chocolate Spread – Aldi – 99p!

Well, this was last minute… I did plan to skip Pancake Day but I developed a FOMO so decided to treat myself. Ok, I didn’t make my pancakes from scratch but ready made was fine (and tasted delicious). So, for the topping? Well, my favourite is just plain old Lemon and Sugar… fresh lemon and fresh strawberries in the bag [check] and what else to have… mmm, well I’m seeing a lot of images with chocolate spread online so why the hell not. I have never bought chocolate spread as its not really something I’ve wanted to buy but today I wanted some. Aldi’s own Nutoka had amazing reviews and its half the price of the well know brand. Tonight was the night to try it on my pancakes with fresh Spanish strawberries… mm mmm. Just hoping I won’t have to share this… So I’m here to say if you have an Aldi store near you then you must try this chocolate spread. Deeeeeeeeeelicious.

Always Tea Time…

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Bird & Blend Tea Co.

I wanted to find some loose leaf tea for my beautiful hand painted glass tea pot https://www.pier1.com/ so; deciding between Twinings & Whittards was difficult; they just don’t have enough choice.

After ‘googling’ reviews of loose tea I started watching some You Tube video’s and ‘Bird & Blend’ was being spoken about A LOT. So, after visiting the website https://birdandblendtea.com/uk_en/tea/loose-leaf-tea.html I was amazed at the choice. I spent too long deciding lol but eventually chose a couple of different flavours to try and see if I like them.

Well, these tea’s are amazing!! Smooth and flavoursome and top quality ingredients. I would absolutely recommend anyone looking for tea; loose or bags to try B&B tea. I do warn you though, you might be spending a looooooooong time on their site trying to decide what to add to your cart. I chose ‘Gingerbread Chai’ and ‘Cherry Bakewell’. I tried the Cherry Bakewell which is delicious and yet to try the Gingerbread. Both of these flavours have ‘Great Taste’ awards. The Cherry Bakewell tea smells so almondy and fruity; just like a Cherry Bakewell. Some teas disappoint when you expect the taste to be like the smell, well you won’t be disappointed with these teas.

Also, as a bonus from B&B; they put in some samples and recipe cards fitting to the tea that I bought and even a hand written note on my order form as a personal touch; you would never get this from a larger/commercially well known company.