Netflix & Shopping…

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Even though I’m still working from home I’m getting through so many series on Netflix in the evening and at the weekend; one of my current favourites being ‘Riverdale’ (Loving this! and totally addicted). So obsessed with the character’s clothing and accessories; in particular I LOVE Betty Cooper’s jumpers. So, as I’m stuck at home what’s a girl to do; I love a bit of research and detective work (a bit like the characters actually). So, this is where it all started brilliant site.. There’s other similar sites where you can find clothing from your favourite TV shows.

So many of these pretty jumpers with embellished collars and cute prints are pretty pricey but I got lucky and found the ‘Nansea’ jumper on the Ted Baker website (in the 60% off sale) WOOHOOOO!!! I couldn’t find the burgundy shade but found it in grey; very happy bunny (that’s it; I’ll say the Easter bunny bought it for me.. don’t feel so guilty now). Just look at the collar on this jumper…

Ted Baker Nansea Floral collar mockable jumper

I have never actually bought anything online from Ted Baker before but I’m a huge fan now. From the box it arrived in, to the jumper itself; I have to say that it is totally worth what I paid for it. This jumper was originally £129 and got it for £51… The quality of the packaging matches that of the item.

The collar isn’t detachable but a hand-wash only garment so will most definitely have to take good care of this gorgeous addition to my wardrobe. The collar is so pretty, its even got tiny pink stones throughout (which I didn’t notice online) and a beautiful sparkly button fastening at the back of the neck; it is really gorgeous. This will be a staple in my wardrobe; it’s great quality jumper and a nice thin knit, can wear this all year round. It has a silk undershirt detail on the hem also.

Just need this lock down to lift and for life to get back to normal. Even being stuck at home I still put on my mascara & make myself look presentable but can’t wait to be able to put something nice on and get out and about. In the meantime, we gotta not let ourselves go; Keep fit and active as much as possible; look forward to when we can all get out and enjoy doing what we love and back to seeing our friends, family & loved ones.

STAY SAFE EVERYONE! And while you’re stuck at home just have a little sneaky look at and check out the beautiful clothing and accessories in the 60% off sale.

Staying Home – Easter Lockdown…

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Keeping myself busy in the sunshine without stepping foot outside the house. My parents live in beautiful sunny Spain and thought I’d admire my bit of Spain here in UK; my Spanish wall planter & Salamander; these little things put a smile on my face.

With the sun shining here there’s a lot to be thankful for; it could be cold and rainy but I am staying home and protecting myself and others. I have to say that the one thing I’d be lost without and that is the Internet – what did we all do before phones and internet on tap.

I remember when I worked as a Professional Dancer; having to go to an ‘Internet Cafe’ with my dancer friends; this brings back memories of my BFF Emma and I walking to Kinko’s in Japan (image below) to get online and sending letters in the mail which would take an age to get to wherever they were going and then the news in the letter being so old by then but with the internet we can keep in contact with friends and family whenever we want.

Lets hope this all lifts soon and we can all get back to some form of normality. Stay safe everyone! If we all work together this will be over sooner rather than later.

Kinko’s in Hakata, Fukuoka

Spring Clean time…

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I have to say that one good thing came out of this Product shortage in the supermarkets at the moment. I did my usual shop (no bulk buying for me) and on my shopping list I had bathroom cleaner (I was almost out!); could I get any!? NO! Unbelievable, well I stomped up and down the aisle hoping one spray bottle might magically appear.

So, I looked and looked and Woohoo! Spied a few cleaners hidden on the shelf… This brand is a little more expensive (£3) but after trying it out totally worth every penny and I have to say that I am already converted and can’t wait to try out some of the other products by Method.

Not only does this spray smell amazing (Eucalyptus Mint) but it’s non-toxic, safe & kind to the environment, to us and animals. Ingredients are bio-degradable, plant based and the bottles are recyclable. Also, no animal testing. So whats not to like.

As a lot of us are spending most of our time at home at the moment so we may as well enjoy cleaning; I actually love a good clean up. I am keen to see what other products they have in store and if you want to check the products out for yourself click here and see the coolest website. LOVE IT!

Method have partnered with the @lgbtfoundation + the hottest drag talent in town on a year-long mission to challenge the toxic cleaning stereotypes + make the world a more fun, fabulous + inclusive place. #LookGoodDoBetter #MethodAddict #DragCleans