Bio – In a Nutshell…

Ok a little bit about me… I went to Stage School in 1987, trained as a Dancer. Travelled the world for 14 years; Italy, Germany, Portugal, Greece, Malta, Japan, performing in Casino’s, Theatres, Show Venues.

In between contracts overseas I would come back to UK and get back to auditioning, working as a TV Extra on ‘Lovejoy‘, ‘Honey for Tea‘ and other TV dramas; even appeared in Miramax’s ‘Mansfield Park’.

I was also getting stopped in the street … “Kylie!! Kylie!!” OK I also worked as a Kylie Minogue Lookalike and Tribute Act. Lets start from the beginning with this one…

So, my mum sent a picture of me off to a specialised Lookalike Agency; oh, this was without me knowing. BUT to my surprise it really did work out for me; I ended up as the ‘No.1 Kylie Minogue Lookalike & Tribute‘; the first on the scene back in 1997.

Yep this is me with Greg James on Radio 1 morning show

I’ve met Kylie, worked with some of her dancers and one time she introduced ME! Appeared in Magazines, Newspapers, TV Shows; appeared on the Impressionable Jon Culshaw Show which was so much fun. Jumped on Mick Hucknall’s back on the‘Fake’ video – very funny! But brilliant. Anyway, way too much to mention on that so if you’re interested to hear more visit

In 2001 I studied at London College of Fashion; firstly completing a Foundation Degree in Art & Design and then onto a Degree in Makeup for Performing Arts; graduating in 2005 and going on to working as a Makeup Artist for Magazines, TV, Weddings, Makeovers etc.

One of my Makeup & Wig ‘creations’ at London College of Fashion
A few examples of my work after graduating

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