Always Tea Time…

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Bird & Blend Tea Co.

I wanted to find some loose leaf tea for my beautiful hand painted glass tea pot so; deciding between Twinings & Whittards was difficult; they just don’t have enough choice.

After ‘googling’ reviews of loose tea I started watching some You Tube video’s and ‘Bird & Blend’ was being spoken about A LOT. So, after visiting the website I was amazed at the choice. I spent too long deciding lol but eventually chose a couple of different flavours to try and see if I like them.

Well, these tea’s are amazing!! Smooth and flavoursome and top quality ingredients. I would absolutely recommend anyone looking for tea; loose or bags to try B&B tea. I do warn you though, you might be spending a looooooooong time on their site trying to decide what to add to your cart. I chose ‘Gingerbread Chai’ and ‘Cherry Bakewell’. I tried the Cherry Bakewell which is delicious and yet to try the Gingerbread. Both of these flavours have ‘Great Taste’ awards. The Cherry Bakewell tea smells so almondy and fruity; just like a Cherry Bakewell. Some teas disappoint when you expect the taste to be like the smell, well you won’t be disappointed with these teas.

Also, as a bonus from B&B; they put in some samples and recipe cards fitting to the tea that I bought and even a hand written note on my order form as a personal touch; you would never get this from a larger/commercially well known company.