Spring Clean time…

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I have to say that one good thing came out of this Product shortage in the supermarkets at the moment. I did my usual shop (no bulk buying for me) and on my shopping list I had bathroom cleaner (I was almost out!); could I get any!? NO! Unbelievable, well I stomped up and down the aisle hoping one spray bottle might magically appear.

So, I looked and looked and Woohoo! Spied a few cleaners hidden on the shelf… This brand is a little more expensive (£3) but after trying it out totally worth every penny and I have to say that I am already converted and can’t wait to try out some of the other products by Method.

Not only does this spray smell amazing (Eucalyptus Mint) but it’s non-toxic, safe & kind to the environment, to us and animals. Ingredients are bio-degradable, plant based and the bottles are recyclable. Also, no animal testing. So whats not to like.

As a lot of us are spending most of our time at home at the moment so we may as well enjoy cleaning; I actually love a good clean up. I am keen to see what other products they have in store and if you want to check the products out for yourself click here and see the coolest website. LOVE IT!

Method have partnered with the @lgbtfoundation + the hottest drag talent in town on a year-long mission to challenge the toxic cleaning stereotypes + make the world a more fun, fabulous + inclusive place. #LookGoodDoBetter #MethodAddict #DragCleans