In the Flash Speedmop team

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Well, thanks to Super Savvy Me I’m part of the Flash Speedmop team. I’ve used the US Swiffer before and this is pretty much the same. I love the Swiffer and I love this Speedmop. It really does do what it says ‘Speedmop’. I managed to do my kitchen floor and bathroom floor (ok, Ive got a small kitchen and bathroom) in no more than 2 minutes and it dries quicker than after regular mopping.

Not only do the attachable mops clean well but they smell fresh and lovely too. I usually flip the wet cloth when the first side gets dirty so to get the most from each cloth. These cloths are really thick so they don’t fall apart. Very effective at lifting dirt from the floor. LOVE this mop already. My old mop seems to be out of a job now…

Flash lemon scent wet cloths

Thanks again Super Savvy me! Its great to be a part of the team and continue enjoying this Speedmop.

I have already mentioned this to my friends and I’m pretty sure they’re gonna want to get their hands on their own Flashmop starter kit.